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Aico Tsumori

Aico Tsumori

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Aico Tsumori's works are carefully made through the process of molding, underglaze painting, glazing, firing, overglaze painting, and overglaze firing.

"My work is based on my daughter's drawing, which I then sculpts into a three-dimensional work.”

At the end of 2019, she saw her daughter's drawing that she brought home from preschool and wanted to give shape to it, so she started making three-dimensional objects. Using people and animals as motifs, her colorful and fun creations, which seem to be a combination of drawings and three-dimensional objects, have a somewhat rustic flavor.

Inspired by my daughter's drawings, I add my own stories and project images that change as I shape the clay.

I want the viewer to take in the overall fluffy impression of the work and enjoy the mental landscape with their own sensibilities.


Tsumori • Risa Takahashi • Taeko Maezawa • Rena Kudoh
January 6 - February 26, 2023

Phantasm, Rena Kudoh, Taeko Maezawa, Risa Takahashi, Aico Tsumori
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