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Anna Berghuis



"My paintings are a reckoning and dialogue between our physical and digital selves. We live in an age where our online presence takes on a life of its own, at times enveloping or masking our authentic selves and screaming from the rooftop at others. These paintings confront identity and connection in a time of highly curated and hyper-public performance of identity and kinship.


In a year that propelled us into the digital realm at warp speed, I question how the digital world interrupts and reconfigures the body.


The FaceTime series is an experiment in digital connection that began in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic. Each subject sat for their portrait over FaceTime, their renditions exploring the parallel emotions of the unusual time and interacting with the idea of the highly curated and often idealized digital self. The series is organized chronologically, and each painting is named for the date of the video call that inspired it, further amplifying the series as a snapshot in time. The majority of the paintings were created from my childhood bedroom during quarantine."




Untitled design.png

In Close Proximity