Aristotle Forrester American, b. 1993

Aristotle Forrester is an abstract expressionist from the South Side of Chicago, born and raised in Hyde Park. He is currently based in New York. He creates large-scale landscape and figure-based oil paintings. He received his Bachelor of Fine Art degree from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2016, and is currently a Master of Fine Art candidate and Neiman Fellow at Columbia University. Alongside his tenure as a fine artist, Forrester has furthered fine art education and access through teaching color theory and studio practice to inner city students as well as private clients for seven years. He is now represented by galleries both in the US and internationally and has been building his list of collectors with a full time studio practice. He has most recently exhibited his work at venues such as M Fine Arts Galerie (Boston and Palm Beach) and the Inside Out Museum (Beijing). He recently showed his latest body of work in a solo show at Boston’s M Fine Arts Galerie. 
Forrester’s body of work is focused on the connection to dreams, creation myths and images his subconscious supplements from the natural world. These images are interpreted through action painting and abstract expressive mark-making, focused on heavy use of pigments, medium and large canvases. Like Jack Whitten and Willemde Kooning, he interprets the subconscious to understand the pastoral perspective, thus exploring the concepts, imagery and correlated myths that have constructed our modern world and will inform us as we build the aesthetic future. Forrester has created these landscapes and moments for viewers to stretch their own subconscious kingdom over, to meditate on the imagery conjured through abstraction. Through creating this vernacular of spatial decisions, he maps and personifies both the mental condition of the human experience and the myths that surround our development as a species. 
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