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Christina Erives

Artist C.V. (PDF)



Christina Erives was born in Los Angeles, California.  She received her BA and MA from California State University of Northridge and her MFA from Pennsylvania State University.  She has worked as a Resident Artist at the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena Montana, Belger Craneyard Studios in Kansas City Missouri, Arquetopia in Puebla Mexico, and Rasquache in Puebla Mexico.  She has also worked as a Visiting Artist Instructor at New Mexico State University and the University of Montana.  Recent Exhibitions include Ceramiques Gourmandes at Fondation Bernardaud in Limoges, France, US Emerging Voices in Clay at District Clay Gallery in Washington DC, L.A.S. (Latin American Status) at 707 Penn Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA, 2018 Scripps College 74th Ceramic Annual; Stories Without Borders: Personal Narratives in Clay at Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery in Claremont California and Lineal Rituals at Mattie Rhodes Art Gallery in Kansas City, MO.  


Ceramics as material has permanence , it is one of the ways we were able to learn about ancient cultures. There is so much beauty in these traditions and Christina Erives’ aim has been to make a mark of her time that will be preserved in the history of ceramic objects.  


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