Dorothy Dehner


Dorothy Dehner was an American painter and sculptor. After studying at the University of California, Los Angeles, Dehner moved to New York. And in 1925, after a trip to Europe and stimulated by European modernism, Dehner enrolled in New York’s Art Students League and briefly studied sculpture.. In 1952 she had her first solo exhibition at the Rose Fried Gallery and in 1955 she began experimenting with casting bronze at the Sculpture Center. Her bronze casting developed a reputation for curvilinear and geometric abstract sculptures constructed from rudimentary shapes such as arcs, wedges, and stars. Dehner’s sculpture emphasized contour, rather than mass. She assembled her works of disparate parts and approached the use of wax as a Constructivist–favoring planar elements. In the 1960s she drew on wax slabs and introduced other textures by adding small pieces of metal.

Dorothy 2.jpg

Dorothy Dehner

Couple, 1988


55 x 48 x 12 in




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