Ahrong Kim


Ahrong Kim

Humans are emotional creatures. Individuals feel a diverse range of emotions even during a
short time or on a small occasion. Emotions are formed naturally through many experiences of
individuals and there are an innumerable number of ways to express emotions. Of these, the
artist’s task is to conduct analysis of these experiences from the perspective of emotion and to
sensitively materialize them.

My work is based on psychological observations that are representative of voices we all hear
inside. I make ceramic figurative sculptures that describe emotions from my life as a diary. By
exploring expressive possibilities of my visual language, the figurative form and its multi-colored
surfaces reveal the abstracted version of my interiority.

Creation of ceramics requires endurance. Looking at its chemical changes through the process
of firing, it is a creature granted with invisible power, which means its outcome belongs to nature.
Ceramics are regenerated by fire, the most fundamental aspect of nature. Borrowing human
hands, it cannot create emotions unless the will or passion of the artist is naturally melted down
upon it.

Through my works, I aim to express the topic of emotions outwardly by attempting to describe a
various range of psychological states existing in our environment with visual formation of colors
and figurative form.