Reina Del Progreso, Oil and paper on canvas, 48x36.jpg

Jameel Radcliffe


I create paintings that reflect my life and the people in it. The work is a testament to the relationships I've made through the years and how they have impacted my growth as a person. Bonds that are created in life are precious. We move almost randomly and arrive next to the ones who will influence our direction for the rest of our lives. As I work through each painting, I go through periods of great happiness, frustration and even greif, as each portrait begins with an image of someone who has moved me greatly. The images become more of a representation of what I have taken away from those relationships than a literal depiction of the people themselves. I'm interested in the Idea of Having the work be fairly abstract. The relationship between recognizable imagery and abstract marks culminate into a work that more easily depicts emotion and inspiration I feel for each portrait. The pieces represent power, ambition, knowledge and the duality between the ego and a more humble nature. 

Upcoming Exhibition