Michael C. Thorpe

Michael C. Thorpe (born NY, 1993) is a visual artist living and working out of New York, New York, with a primary focus in textiles. His mother, Susan Richards, taught him the art and craft of quilting. Through the usage of bright colors, organic shapes, and meandering quilting patterns, Thorpe explores the limitations of both social constructs and textiles. He combines fabrics, imagery and language to evoke alternative perspectives on the human experience.

Thorpe grew up in Newton, MA and graduated from Emerson College with a degree in photojournalism. His work is in the collection of Museum of Fine Arts Boston and is primarily represented by LaiSun Keane.

Artist C.V. (PDF)

Inquire info@laisunkeane.com 

Image photo credit: Philipp J Hoffmann

Solo Exhibition: Meandering Thoughts

April 15 to May 29, 2021

Fabric of A Nation @ the MFA Boston

October 10, 2021 - January 17, 2022




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