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Michal Fargo



In my work I deal with the thin line that lies between imitation and interpretation. I try to capture an innate longing to authentic nature and at the same time celebrate progress and its many benefits; maybe combine both aesthetics into one. 


I am in a search for authenticity and this has led me to explore naive times and elements. Recently, I’ve been trying to introduce caveman to spaceman and create forms and ecosystems that make no sense within linear time perception. I intend to challenge the physical state of the matters, such as solid liquid and gas, and represent another dimension, a sensual being, unrecognizable, and foreign being. 


I was born in Israel, a young country with a short secular cultural heritage; I found working in a vacuum with relatively little predefined aesthetic history, to be an empowering experience. This type of environment had provided me the freedom not to commit to a path already made, but rather pave my own. When attending the Royal College of Art, I met the rich and inspiring British culture that is particularly respectful of its aesthetic heritage, this had offered me a perspective about my own culture and practice. The ease about making mistakes and improvising were taken for granted by me, After gaining this welcomed perspective I understood what great gifts those are and the value these hold for my practice. 


Nowadays I live and work in Berlin, living as a foreigner in Germany has a great effect over my work , this has challenged me in my search for authenticity and identity in my practice. 





Michal Fargo • Susan Metrican • Chase Travaille

October 7 - November 13, 2022