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Mie Yim


My paint chip food drawings originated from the idea of giving gifts to friends and family. Initially, I wanted to find a way to give presents that were beautiful, handmade and something that didn’t take up a lot of space.

I found making the drawings were a perfect salve to my other art making, which is large semi abstract oil paintings. If the painting is my Moby Dick, the food drawing is my Proust.


I had a pile of Paint chips from Home Depot, because they are free and found them to be excellent surface for pastel. I love the fact that the paint chip brand is Martha Stewart, the goddess of domesticity and DYI.


The notion of giving food is such a warm, memory invoking activity, but not always practical. So the pairing of food drawings with Martha Stewart paint chips was a perfect marriage, a way to express my love and a little bit of lust. Unfortunately, her chips have been discontinued, but I have found other chips and paper to continue my art practice.


The intention is to seduce the viewer with intimacy of scale and space. I think about a macrocosmic world of familiar foods depicted in a miniature form.


My gesture is about being open and generous beyond friends and family, hopefully to be enjoyed by the public.

Home Cooking curated by John Yau 
October 23 - December 5, 2021