Laisun Keane SOWA Boston

We know that the way human's experience art will be changed forever by the COVID-19 pandemic. From now on we are all more confident and comfortable in using digital tools to enjoy art in all its flavors.

And whilst at LaiSun Keane we are committed to making that digital future a reality for all, we know that there is still a valid place in our community for physical galleries.

That's why we are pleased to announce the launch of our newest physical space at SoWa Boston - 460C Harrison Ave Boston MA. The new location will be a part of our work to bring both emerging and established art and artists within reach of everybody.

As Laisun said;

"Our new SOWA location will add a new physical space to our commitment to virtual engagement around art"

The new space launches 1st September 2020 and we just can't wait to welcome you either physically or virtually (remember to book a gallery tour when you have 15 minutes to spare).

Information about future shows is available on our Exhibition page.

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