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A Taste of Home Cooking

If you looked to the kitchen for consolation during the pandemic, you were not alone. Poet and art critic John Yau noticed that his social media feed...


Piecing Together a Legacy

On the eve of his second gallery show, Michael C. Thorpe reflects on how he’s taking quilting—and his identity as an artist—to new levels. 

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Craft Revival at LaiSun Keane

Micheal C. Thrope is a working artist. Unlike many of his young age and position, he doesn't have a second job to buoy his passion...

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He was an MVP basketball player. Now his star is rising as an art quilter

Michael C. Thorpe, 27, an art quilter and former basketball star at Emerson College and Newton North, now featured in a Dove soap commercial.

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Last Chance: Michael C. Thorpe On Quilting a Dream

At his first solo exhibition, Michael C. Thorpe is boldly pulling on the threads of a centuries-old craft—and it’s paying off. 

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​Five Textile Artists Exploring Contemporary Quilting 

In his body of work, Michael C. Thorpe explores feelings of joy and happiness as a Black man. Using fabric and thread, his quilted “paintings” are geometrical and pieced together like a puzzle. 

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Episode 08: Michael C Thorpe

As we begin our conversation we learn about Michael’s early years and his realization that, for him, quilting isn’t about following a prescribed pattern...