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November 14 - December 12, 2020

Featuring artists Mikiko Tomita, Mayumi Nakamura, Sayaka Shingu and Mio Yamaguchi

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Exhibition Catalogue • New Directions:Japanese Women Artists

  • LaiSun Keane is proud to present a four person exhibition featuring contemporary Japanese women artists, Mikiko Tomita, Mayumi Nakamura, Sayaka Shingu and Mio Yamaguchi titled New Directions: Japanese Women Artists from November 14 to December 12, 2020. 

    ​The artists in this exhibition are at different stages of their careers, and two will be debuting their work in the United States for the first time. Notably, Tomita exhibited in the USA in 2009 in the seminal exhibition, Touch Fire at Smith College, Northampton, MA and Shingu has her work on view at the Katonah Museum, Katonah, NY.

    ​We have selected distinctive examples of works by Japanese women artists who broke from tradition to make their mark in the field of contemporary ceramics for this exhibition. No longer riding on the reputations of highly respected and pioneering women artists such as Kitamura Junko, Matsuda Yuriko and many others, these artists all received University education in art and dived straight into ceramic art moving away from studio pottery training which has a strong tradition in Japan.  Their works highlight the interesting and diverse treatment of the ceramic medium which  is their unique visual language. 

    ​Mikiko Tomita (born Osaka, Japan, 1972) studied at Kyoto City University of Arts and is a highly unique sculptor and ceramic artists. Her works are inspired by religious architectures and organic forms such as cells and molecules. She has exhibited extensively through out Japan and internationally. 

    ​Mayumi Nakamura (born Miyazaki, Japan, 1976)  studied design at Joshibi University of Art and Design and had a brief career in fashion before pursuing ceramic art full time. Her works range from reliefs, vessel based sculptures to monumental outdoor art. This is her first exhibition outside of Japan.

    ​Sayaka Shingu (born Osaka, Japan, 1979) received a BFA from Osaka University of Art and makes work that concerns floral beauty. She is fascinated by the cycle of life and her sculptural work is a re-imagination of preserved flowers through her use of dark and neutral tones. Her work is in private and public collections in Japan, Turkey and the USA.

    ​Mio Yamaguchi (born Aichi, Japan, 1992) is the youngest artist in this group show. She graduated from Aichi University of Education Graduate School three years ago. Her sculptures are organic and tactile referencing nature and landscapes.  

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