Japanese artist based in France. Considered one of the female pioneers in Japanese ceramic art movement which is not connected to traditional functional pottery. 

Duo of sculpture, stoneware with porcelain slip

8 (h) x 8.5 (w)  x 4.25 (l)"

5 (h) x 5 (w) x 4.75 (l)"

FUTAMURA YOSHIMI (1959- ), Untitled Sculptural Duo

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  • Futamura Yoshimi was born in Nagoya and received her education at Seto Ceramics Institute. She moved to Paris to teach and furher her studies and ended up living there for 30 years. She uses the ancient techniques she acquired in Japan on her works which on the surface seems to reference nature. Closer reading reviews her play on female sexuality and forms which breaks tradition especially within the Japanese ceramic tradition. 

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