Lupulnga, 2004
Acrylic on linen
42 1/8 x 35 7/8 inches
Bears the artist's name, dimensions and Papunya Tula Artists catalogue number MN0409085 on reverse


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MAKINTI NAPANANGKA (c. 1930-2011) Lupulnga, 2004

SKU: MN001
  • MAKINTI NAPANANGKA (c.1930-2011)

    Makinti Napanangka was born in the Western Desert region of Australia as a member of the Pintupi indigenous group around the year 1930. Makinti started painting through a community project in the 1990s and her curiosity and interest grew into a successful painting career as her work is widely shown in Australia and internationally. She was a part of the Papunya Tula Artists Cooperative, and she particularly stood out as an independent artist. After her death in 2011, she has been often referred to as Kumentje, a name given to her due to the tradition of her indigenous community not referring to the deceased by their original names.

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