Michael Thorpe

Gee's Bend, 2020

quilting cotton, batik fabric, and thread

72 x 45 in 


This is a text based piece that is taken from a book about the Gee’s Bend quilters from Alabama. I used this work for my first solo show at All Too Human to introduce the audience to my interest in working with text as an art form. I also used this as an artist statement because the way Alvia Wardlaw described the quilts from Gee’s Bend is literally perfect.


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MICHAEL C. THORPE: Gee's Bend, 2020

SKU: MT037
  • Michael C. Thorpe

    Based in New York City

    Education : 2016 Emerson College, Boston, MA

    Selected Public Collections: Museum of Fine Arts Boston

    Michael C. Thorpe is a visual artist living and working out of New York, New York, with a primary focus in textiles. His mother, Susan Richards, taught him the art and craft of quilting. Thorpe is exploring the limitations of both social constructs and textiles by combining fabrics, imagery and language to evoke alternative perspectives on the human experience.

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