MIKIKO TOMITA, Teabowl, 2012

porcelain and mixed media

3.07 x 4.72 inches (7.8 x 12 cm)


with custom signed tomobako

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New Directions: Japanese Women Artists

November 14 - December 12, 2020


Until the 1950s, even if Japanese women wanted to enter the pottery world, their work at kilns was only an auxiliary process, and they faced physical difficulties while being blocked by various conventions. Therefore, a continuous study began to promote kneading, forming and firing among women who blazed their own paths to become ceramic artists.


Since then, female ceramic artists have expanded their playing field as handicraft "pottery" has been changing into artistic "ceramics" including sculptural works full of creativity and design.


As independent artists, a greater number of female ceramic artists, who are most likely have studied pottery at art universities, pursue and express their world of deep contemplation in clay, and play a part in the diversity of contemporary ceramic art in Japan while freely displaying their unique visions and concepts.


In addition, the bold and precise forms, and fantastic and delicate expressions their works have been increasingly valued overseas in recent years, rather than in Japan.


We are proud to bring you four contemporary Japanese female artists, Mikiko Tomita, Mayumi Nakamura, Sayaka Shingu and Mio Yamaguchi, artists at different stages of their careers for a group exhibition in Boston. Tomita exhibited in the USA more than 10 years ago in a seminal exhibition, Touch Fire at the Smith College, MA while Nakamura, Shingu and Yamaguchi are exhibiting for the first time here. 

The exhibition will be held at our gallery located at 460C Harrison Ave Boston MA as well as viewable online. We plan to release videos of the artists talking about their works with a Japanese interpreter. An exhibition catalogue will be  published. 




  • 1972    Born in Osaka, Japan

    1996    Kyoto City University of Arts

                The Encouragement Award of Reunion, Tomimoto Award-winner

    Solo Exhibitions

    1999    Gallery Maronie, Kyoto

    2000   INAX Galleria Ceramica, Tokyo and Hokkaido

    2001    INAX Tile Museum, Aichi

                Masuda Studio, Tokyo

    2002    Kobo IKUKO, Okayama

    2013    YOU-Yuusya Gallery, Aichi (’07, ’12)

    2015    ART NAGOYA 2015, YOU-Yuusya Gallery, Aichi

    2017    Meguro Gallery, Mie (’03, ’06, ’09, ’11, ’14)

                SILVER SHELL, Tokyo (’07, ’11, ’13, ’15)

    2019    YOU-Yuusya Gallery SAPPORO, Hokkaido

    Group Exhibitions

    2003    Flowers of Contemporary Ceramic Art -Focusing on Ceramists of Western Japan / Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum, Ibaraki

    2008    Saint Sex Spirit - Seducing Crafts - / Takashimaya Shinjuku Store, Tokyo

    2009    Treasure to the Future / Takashimaya Nihombashi, Shinjuku, Osaka and Kyoto

                 The Power of Decoration, The Viewpoint on Contemporary Ceramics / Craft Gallery, The National Museum of 
                 Modern Art, Tokyo

    2010    The 5th Paramita Museum Ceramic Art Grand Prize Exhibition / Paramita Museum, Mie

                Touch Fire: Contemporary Japanese Ceramics by Women Artists / Smith College Museum, USA


    2016    SOFA CHICAGO / Smith College Museum, USA

    2017    The Splendid Ceramics - The Expression of Seven Women Artists / Ginza WAKO, Tokyo

                Nitten / The National Art Center, Tokyo



    Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture

    Ishikawa Prefectural Kutani Ceramics Technical Research Center


    Art Print Japan’s Art Shop in Tokyo International Forum

    Smith College Museum, USA

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