MINNIE PWERLE (1915-2006)
Awelye Atnwengerrp, 2001
Acrylic on linen
35 1/2 x 47 5/8 inches
Bears artist's name, title and Dacou Gallery inventory number DG03802 on reverse


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MINNIE PWERLE (1915-2006) Awelye Atnwengerrp, 2001

SKU: MP001
  • MINNIE PWERLE (1915-2006)

    (also known as Minnie Purla or Minnie Motorcar Apwerl)

    Minnie Pwerle was born in Utopia, Northern territory in roughly 1915 and began her artistic career at about the age of 80 in 2000. In her short time of making work, she became an incredibly popular Aboriginal artist. Her paintings were so sought-after that she was allegedly kidnapped as a means for collectors to acquire her work. Throughout her career and to this day, Minnie’s work represents a generation of older artists with limited education and individuals who potentially experience poverty. Her paintings are bright, captivating, and have a spontaneous spirit. She continued to paint up until two days before she passed away in 2006. 

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