Rose Keeffe

Botched Exorcism, 2020

Oil on Canvas

24 x 18 in.



Rose Keeffe: Iconoclast

January 16 - 30, 2021


This work makes use of the image of John James Audubon to represent a personal toxic relationship. Audubon was known for mutilating the birds he studied so that he could paint them in graceful and invented poses. Through his process, I find him to be a manipulative and self-interested monster, traits shared with an individual I had to “exorcise” from my own life.

ROSE KEEFFE, Botched Exorcism

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  • Rose Keeffe received her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2018. Since then, she has set up her studio in the greater Boston area where she continues to expand and explore her art process.

    Keeffe works primarily in oil, but utilizes digital mediums heavily in her ideation process, creating collages in photoshop that she then synthesizes on the canvas. She pulls imagery from mythological and historical sources to contextualize and articulate her own personal narratives and create depth and complexity in her work. 

    Her recent works center around the skepticism and disillusionment she feels as a recent college graduate in the current social environment. Her works reflect on her experiences being a young lesbian as she endeavors find acceptance in a world with values and expectations to which she finds impossible to relate.


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