Tjunkiya Napaltjarri (1928-2009), Untitled, 2001

arylic on canvas, stretched and framed, 48 x 24"

Papunya Tula Artist, Western Desert Art Movement 


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TJUNKIYA NAPALTJIRRA (1928-2009), Untitled, 2001

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  • Tjunkiya Napaltjarri was born in Kintore, Northern Territory about 450 km from Alice Springs, Australia in 1928. Painted at Papunya where the first painting on canvas art movement started. Her paintings depict spiritual dreamings and ancestral lands. 

    The Australian Aboriginal paintings from the Westen Desert are generally abstract in form hence are contemporary. The meanings are obscured because of the secret and sacred nature of the paintings but viewers can appreciate them for their colours, rendition and timelessness. 

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