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Rena Kudoh

Rena Kudoh



My work is based on my own memories and habits, mixed with the memories, habits, or traces of others. There is a gap between myself and others that we do not or cannot fully understand each other. This gap is a mixture of foreignness to me as an individual and empathy that transcends national borders, showing me a world that I have seen but never seen before.

Creation is an adventure for me to break out of any rigidity.

Fixed images. I deconstruct and assemble images that are as random as a dream and already overlap with other images when I try to remember them. Clay always betrays me right.

The possibility of detaching myself, of having a skin. Embracing the chaos of a moving body, mixing my experience with someone else's, and encountering the other within myself.

To live the universe from a slightly broader perspective than society. I see this itself as play and will express it.


Tsumori • Risa Takahashi • Taeko Maezawa • Rena Kudoh
January 6 - February 26, 2023

Phantasm, Rena Kudoh, Taeko Maezawa, Risa Takahashi, Aico Tsumori
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