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Rixy (she/her) (b.1995) is from Roxbury, Massachusetts, + a first generation Latinx Caribbean women. Primarily community & self-taught, she has received her BA at UMass Boston '19, for a sculptural concentration in material, sensual, + spatial awareness. As an Interdisciplinary Street Artist + Storyteller, she reinterprets narratives of worldly femme exuberance, within her fluorescent island of Cúcala. This inclusive storyworld is built to home various embodiments, their survival, styled stretchmarks, & grounding against the toxic Machismentos. These characters are most translated through mixing sustainable painting materials in her Muralism, Studio-Mixed Assemblages, + Social Justice. They've been exhibited on street-wide and institutional spaces from her base in New England to Latin America, with continuous outreach beyond her homes. Recently, she attended TheCreateWell’s Converging Liberations Residency at Mass MoCA, painted as a Pow!Wow!Worcester Golden Year Muralist, + currently a in Now+There's Public Accelerator Artists Cohort 4, + AIR with Elevated Thought.

Current Exhibition

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Communal Medicine: Tending Abundance curated by Juan Omar Rodriguez
Gina Goico • Perla Mabel • Rixy
September 2 - October 2, 2022