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Stephanie Shih

STEPHANIE H. SHIH is a Taiwanese American artist exploring concepts of home——not just as a physical place, but also as cultural, generational, and emotional spaces we inhabit. Through the lens of the Asian American kitchen, her ceramic sculptures reflect diasporic nostalgia and the material lineages of migration and colonization. 


Shih has had solo exhibitions at Perrotin Editions (New York, NY) and Wieden+Kennedy Gallery (Portland, OR). Her work has also been shown by the American Museum of Ceramic Arts (Pomona, CA), The Hole (New York, NY), R & Company (Miami, FL), Hashimoto Contemporary (San Francisco, CA), and Underdonk (Brooklyn, NY), and featured by Hyperallergic, Cultured Magazine, NPR, the Los Angeles Times, and The Guardian. She lives in Brooklyn.


Activism is also central to Shih’s practice, and she’s used her art to raise $50,000 to date for marginalized communities experiencing instability related to home——including inmates leaving Rikers Island (2020), indigenous tribes fighting for land rights (2019), undocumented immigrants detained by ICE (2018), and victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico (2017)..


 “Shih’s food products speak to a seismic shift in America’s demographics that began to take place around the time of the Civil Rights movement... [The] work is both aesthetic and political, a commentary on assimilation as a process in which one’s national origin is not forgotten or erased.” ——Hyperallergic

Home Cooking curated by John Yau 
October 23 - December 5, 2021