Bright: Vince Palacios

9 January - 13 February 2021
In this current work, Palacios is exploring the relationship between color, form and surface.
Color: In this work, color is the result of heat, abrasion, and pressure. Color is laid down in multiple layers that are later excavated or abraded to reveal the form below. Although the colors are bright, there is a strong presence of Chiaroscuro or dark underpinning in this work. 
Form: Form is arrived at through the process of wrestling with the material body to body. My hand presses and the material presses back. Leaning in, making my body and its weight and presence know in the material. Leaving a record of my action and interaction, it is a confluence of body and material, intent and expression.
Surface: There’s nothing new about pinching and leaving your mark in earthen materials. Humans have been doing this from the very beginning; leaving the record or evidence of their existence, expression, and belief in any given material that they used. It is a form of narcissism: a belief that what you’re saying is worth preserving. In this work that I’ve been doing, there is an almost haptic quality. It’s a language not composed of words, rather a composition of marks and bumps and stretching and pressing. In the end a story is being told, a form emerges, a truth is expressed, and brightness is reveled.