Raven Halfmoon 

Rumination in Isolation

May 21 - June 4, 2020

New exhibition features eight new works of painted ceramic tiles, three ceramic renditions of popular drink cans and three of her definitive and highly recognizable Caddo woman clay busts. These pieces were selected to represent a unique insight into the way the artist felt as the COVID-19 pandemic grew and impacted her, her community and the entire society. 

Japanese Women 

The gallery is featuring new pieces from leading female Japanese artists including Matsuda Yuriko, Ono Haruko, and Kitamura Junko.  Select works are available for private viewing and purchase.  


Matsuda Yuriko studied with highly respected Living National Treasures, Kondo Yazuo and Tomimoto Kenkichi at Kyoto City University of Fine Arts. Using highly sophisticated and tradition techniques, Matsuda transformed her work into sculptures which are uniquely her own. Her work is a play on the female form from the point of view of a woman; subversively challenges the male gaze. 

Ono Hakuko (1915-1996) was trained by her father initially in the ceramic arts. However she was most strongly influenced by the great experimentive artist Kato Hajime (1901-1968) and his work with gold. This affected her own style deeply, and it can be said that she carried on his research. She was awarded the JCS award in 1980, one of Japans most prestigious ceramics awards. In 1992 she was named an important cultural asset (Juyo mukei bunkazai) of Saga prefecture. Bucking the traditional image here is another of Japans great cultural assets who fought against a system of prejudice to rise to the top and it is an honor to be able to offer something by her.

Kitamura Junko studied with Kondo Yutaka (1932-1983) and Sodeisha Founder Suzuki Osamu (1926 - 2001) at the Kyoto City University of FIne Arts. Made waves as a female artist in the male dominated Japanese traditional ceramic world. Known for using Buncheong technique learned from Kondo and elevated it into a unique style of her own. She is married to Akiyama Yo.

Laisun Talks to the Auntie Project

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 5.57.19 PM.png

Laisun talks to Amanda Cobb-Greetham of the Auntie Project about its work to help indedinious people in Oklahoma who are suffering in the time of COVID-19.  Laisun Keane is partnering with the Auntie Project to donate 10% of proceeds from the Raven Halfmoon show to the projects Covid-19 Family Relief fund.  

All of the funds we raise will go directly to the Department of Family Services, which will use the funds for supplies needed by kids and families suffering from Covid-19. The Navajo Nation has one of the highest incidences per capita of coronavirus. Native and Indigenous peoples have long battled infectious diseases—please join us in sending support and love to our Indigenous kin.


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