Anna Berghuis American, b. 1996


Anna Berghuis (1996, Baltimore, MD, lives New York) graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Art History and Studio Arts. Berghuis’ paintings explore the relationship between our digital lives and physical bodies, and how the internet affects our opinions of ourselves and others. The figures in the paintings are often distorted and unruly, with oversized heads and hands, and barely fit into the canvas. The artist draws influence from modern society, art history, and online imagery to create their monstrous and grotesque painting language. The theme of the perceiver and the perceived is also explored, with the viewer sometimes being acknowledged as an active participant in the painting and other times being personified as negative space or a ghostly anti-shadow. She recently completed her residency at Vermont Studio Center, VT and is currently in residency at Long Meadow Art Residency in the Berkshires, MA. We are proud to have shown her in a three person exhibition in 2021, presented her works at Spring/Break Art Show in Los Angeles and Scope Art Miami in 2022 and a solo exhibition in 2023.


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