Michal Fargo Israeli, b. 1984

Michal Fargo, born in Israel and now lives and works in Berlin, Germany, communicates her conflicted identity and experiences as an immigrant through her clay sculptures. Her work, although vessel based which is a concept deeply rooted in the ceramic field, is a departure from the tradition. She constructs sculptures that imitate nature, yet the addition of “flocking” alters the surface, reminiscent of domestic objects. The development of her unique process is connected to her own journey as a person born in Israel, a young secular state, yet belonging to the Jewish faith with thousands of years history of displacement and conflict. Moving from home to study in London, UK, at the Royal College of Arts, and now living in Berlin, Germany, her place in the world is in constant flux. Her work reflects much of this narrative, straddling the new and the old, tradition, innovation, identity and belonging. She received an MA from The Royal College of Art, London, UK, was a 2019 Loewe Craft Prize finalist, and she has exhibited in the USA and worldwide.